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Sea Breeze Association Management Co. (SBAMC) began operations in 2006.  It was born out of a view that the association management profession in Northwest Florida needed more top quality performers.   Taking the step to actually start the business occurred when my employer at that time requested that I move my job to Minneapolis, MN from our home in Seagrove Beach, Florida.  We were determined to remain in Seagrove.

Presently, our company includes four licensed CAMs, administrative staff, and maintenance staff.  We manage 27 associations.  Our office is located in Seagrove Beach.  Our intent is to grow our business in a controlled fashion in order to continue to meet the commitment to each association for top quality management and keep our clients happy with our performance.

Our commitment to any association, which elects to work with us as their association manager, is that it will get the necessary time and effort required to provide the level of service an association should expect to receive in order to manage their affairs properly.  In practical terms this means the following:

  1. Work with association owners, board members, and vendors to provide proper service and prompt follow-up to phone calls, emails, and correspondence;
  2. Prompt notice and collection of member dues;
  3. Monthly, full reporting of the financial affairs of the association;
  4. Proper notices, conduct, and recording of owner and board meeting actions;
  5. Obtaining quotes from reliable vendors for projects that arise, and monitoring of vendors and contractors;
  6. Regular continuing education in order to remain current on association law and practice;
  7. Availability to address both the normal and unexpected events over the course of time.

The result of this has been happy boards and owners.

A company web site is available at no added cost for posting of financial reports, owner meeting and board meeting minutes, an owner list, and association documents.  Our company carries Errors & Omissions, General Liability, Property and Fidelity insurance.   

Loyd Tarver, CAM
Sea Breeze Assoc. Mgmt. Co.


Ph. 850-231-2108
Fax 850-231-2109
Cell 850-543-8515